Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising on Google, Bing, Facebook, etc.

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Do you want more website traffic and grow your business right now?

Paid Advertising allows you to promote your product or service in the sponsored sections of search engines and social networks. How much you pay for the placement gets decided by a bidding process.

It’s no wonder companies invest an enormous amount of money on Paid Advertising. In 2017 over 92 billion U.S. dollars will be invested in paid search advertising alone. This number will only increase and not without good reason.

Paid Advertising campaigns are also measurable. Analytics-tools allow you to track exactly how much money you spent and how much money you earned. That’s why you’ll know if it’s worth the investment.

Your competitors are already taking advantage of this potential. Do you think they are investing in Paid Advertisement without making a profit? We want to help you beat your competition and realize your company’s growth goals.

Why Should You Invest In

Paid Advertising makes it possible to immediately get your message in front of your ideal customer. By making use of filters you can aim for the people that have all the characteristics of your ideal buyer persona- the person that is most likely to buy your product or service



Income, and more



We develop websites using the latest techniques and strategies to ensure a solid foundation for sustainable success. By utilizing the industries best practices, we develop custom tailored, goal oriented websites that can be found by your clients when they need your services or products the most.

How do you get the best ROI from my paid-advertising campaign?

Potential customers are using keywords to search for your products or services online. You can bid on these keywords to get your advertisement shown.


Choosing the right keywords

 However, some keywords are too broad and have too much competition. Inexperienced agencies will aim for the wrong keywords and blow your budget. We know in these cases it’s better to aim for “Long Tail Keywords”. Long Tail Keywords are keywords with more words and less competition. This guarantees you’re not wasting any money.

Managing bids

The bid decides how much you pay per person that clicks on the ad. Paying close attention to how much you pay every day is important. What might have been a profitable keyword one day might lose you money the next day.

Having an enticing ad

To get a potential customer to click on your advertisement it needs to be enticing. It needs to be made clear how your product or service will help them improve their life. Good copywriting is important to communicate this effectively. In some cases, you need a quality image or video that goes with the message.

Having a compelling landing page that matches the ad

The landing page is the page that the potential customer gets forwarded to after clicking on your advertisement. It’s the deciding factor whether they will stay on the page and get interested in what you’re offering. A strong call-to-action needs to be there to persuade them to make the desired behavior.  It’s also important that the landing page matches the advertisement’s message. This will prevent confusion and make less people leave the page.

Our Paid-Advertisement Services

Taking these crucial factors into consideration, our service consists of the following things:


Develop A Strategy:

We want to get to know you, your company, industry, competition and unique selling points (USP’s). Based on this information we will develop a custom-tailored strategy that will maximize your results.

Track the campaign:

We will set up tracking properly. This ensures we make the right decisions to always move your campaign one step forward.

Bid Management:

We will pay close attention to the campaign daily. This will guarantee you’re not paying too much for keywords and get the best ROI.

Keyword Selection:

We will choose the keywords that will bring you the best results.

Make The Advertisement & Landing Page:

We have experienced copywriters that will write the ad and landing page. If we decide to advertise on certain platforms we can make a quality image or video that goes with the ad. If you don’t have a developer we can develop the landing page for you as well.


Our reports give you insight into the things that are most important for you to know. Because our reports are easy to understand you’ll always know exactly what’s going on with your campaign.

Maximizing Your ROI
Is Our #1 Goal

We have run many Paid Advertisement campaigns and make all our decisions based on data. That’s why we know what needs to happen to always move your campaign one step forward. Communicating effectively and being transparent is the basis of our relationship: You will never be left in the dark.