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Social Media Marketing
For New Orleans Businesses

“Get your audience emotionally invested in your brand and increase your conversions” Social media has benefits that no other marketing channel provides.

While some business owners recognize these benefits, they’re still overlooked by many: “Social media is not profitable for my business” “I don’t have the time or budget for social media” “The effort I put into social media didn’t bring me results”

These are some of the thoughts these small to medium-sized business owners have. However, when you ask them for the reason behind these thoughts, one thing becomes clear.

Most of them do not understand how social media can help their business. The first names you probably think of when you hear the term are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. While these are great platforms, there are much more platforms that can bring you highly targeted traffic.

Why Should You
Invest In Social Media Marketing ?

Brands become more human when they interact with (potential) customers on social media. This builds trust and credibility. Social Media is more likely to trigger an emotional response than paid ways of advertising.

This helps to get your audience emotionally invested in your company. 71% of consumers who have a good social media service experience with a brand are likely to recommend it to others.

Because you’re in constant contact with (potential) customers you have an endless amount of opportunities to convert.  Rather than just making a couple of posts a week on the known platforms, social media has evolved into a highly-specialized marketing channel.

The truth is, when you use it the right way, it has something to offer for most companies. That’s why you need a specialist. These are the four main benefits social media will bring you:

Customer Insight – Social Media makes it possible for you to have a dialogue with (potential) customers. This is an opportunity to get valuable feedback. You can use this feedback to improve your marketing and products

Increased Brand Recognition Having your content seen by your target audience is valuable. Every time you post something and someone likes or shares your post your business gets introduced to a new audience.

Improved brand loyalty – Social Media will increase customer loyalty. It has been shown that 53% of Americans who follow a brand on social media are more loyal to that brand.

Higher conversion rates – Most importantly, it will help you make more conversions. This is because of several reasons.

Why Choose Page One Web Development


We’ll work closely together to get to know you, your company and industry. Based on your situation and objectives, we’ll develop a strategy that will connect you with your audience. We’ll develop compelling content that will get your audience emotionally invested in your brand. Every member of our team has a passion for Social Media. We’ll use our knowledge to grow your audience and get you results.



How do you gain

Social Media success?

There are a couple of factors that determine the success of your social media efforts. 

A Strategy

 While this might seem obvious, a lot of businesses fail at social media because they don’t have a clear strategy. It’s important that it’s custom-tailored to your business: What’s a profitable strategy for you is a losing strategy for another business.


 There needs to be regular post/updates with a consistent brand message.

Quality Content

 You need to engage your audience with quality content. Quality content is informative, shareable, actionable and relevant.


You need to respond on time when a (potential) customer asks questions over social media.

Our Social Media Marketing Services 

Our social media service takes all these success-factors into consideration. Our service consists of the following things

A custom-tailored strategy

 We’ll develop a strategy based on your business challenges and objectives. We’ll identify the platforms you need to be active on and the tone-of-voice that suits your company.


 We’ll look on all social networks to see who’s talking about your company and what they’re saying. We’ll then use this information to your benefit.


 Being able to gather data is the heart of online marketing. This is no different for social media. Our reports will give you insight into the results of our efforts. That’s why you’ll know what’s happening and why we make our decisions.

Cross Channel Promotion

 We’ll create unique messages for each social media channel. While this takes more effort than cross-channel posting, it brings better results. We’ll also make sure you have a coherent brand voice across all channels.

Social pay-per-click

 Depending on your objectives we can use paid advertising to promote your content.


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