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Welcome to our website and thanks for stopping by!
My name is Jonathan LaRocca, I am the owner and founder of Page One Web Development.
I’ll be  guiding you through exactly what we do and how we do it better then our competition.
If you have any questions feel free to leave us a message or give us a call (504)475-7557.


What makes Page One Web Development the right choice for your business or organization?

We take our time to learn your business & understand your goals. We then create a custom project centered around making your goals a reality.

But we don’t stop there!

Not only do we custom design your website, we develop it with SEO & technically sound fundamentals.

” Custom designed website, SEO, technically sound development?? what does it all mean?? “

Let’s start from the beginning ….

So you need a website. Most people will ask around, do a simple google search, see what’s out there, compare prices, and then make a decision on who they are going to trust to build their online storefront.

Or they decide to build it themselves.

People are under the impression that a website is a website and…
if they build it, they will come. (field of dreams)


But let’s take that approach and assume you decided to build it yourself, or you decided to hire Uncle Billy’s Neighbor’s Son, or you could have even hired a ” WEB DESIGNER “..

All appears well, but weeks / months, down the road you begin to wonder why your website isn’t fulfilling your goals.