What should I know before paying for a website?

Purchasing a website can be overwhelming. Everyone knows someone who can “build a website” but how do you know you are actually getting what you desire and how do you know if the person claiming to build a website is even capable of building said website?

Invest in consulting. Hire someone who understands you are in the beginning stages of building your website and you would like for them to walk you to through everything you would need for a fully functional website.

Best Answer:
Hire more than one consultant. This will allow you to hear from multiple builders and get multiple professional opinions.

Your website is your outlet to today’s consumers and in most cases, it’s your first opportunity to represent yourself to potential clients. Spend the extra money to get professional opinions and allow them to teach you what you don’t know.

The value in hiring consultants is astronomical. Here are some of the benefits:
1 – You will be able to ask more informed questions
2 – You will learn and actually KNOW what you need
3 – Ciphering through hobby builders and professionals will become easier
4 – You can eliminate over-paying for what you don’t need
5 – Your website will DO what you really want it to do when it is complete
and finally:

This next sentence may be harsh but please give what I am about to say consideration…..

If you are trying to build a website that represents your business for a few hundred dollars, now is NOT the time to purchase your website.

Absolutely, start looking around and identifying potential companies that will help you when the time is right. But please do not skimp and try to cut corners on something that is easily accessible by everyone and will represent you and your business 24-7.

Your website is literally online real-estate and it’s the perfect employee all in one!

Think about it. A brick and mortar business is designed to attract customers in order for you to gain their business. That is exactly what your website does except it’s so much more accessible and will reach many more potential clients. Hence, online real-estate for your business.

And how is it the perfect employee? Well, for starters it never takes a bathroom break, nor does it stops selling or informing, have doctors appointments, ask for a raise, go on vacation, etc. and you get to mold it exactly as you wish! Heck yeah! lol

If you only have a few hundred to spend on your prime real-estate & future best employee, do yourself a favor and INVEST that money into speaking with professionals so you can learn what you don’t know, TRUST ME.

We have clients come to us on a regular basis looking for the website they thought they were originally purchasing. The problem was they didn’t how / what to ask for or they didn’t realize what works today would soon need adjusting and editing but those capabilities weren’t recognized by “their hobby website building neighbors Joe and Sally”. Unfortunately, their website is now useless or at the minimum not the best representation of their business.

Trust me, save your money and hire professional web designers & web developers to consult with so they can teach you what you don’t know before investing in your website.
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