Page One Web Development, LLC

Location: 403 N Turnbull Dr, Metairie La 70001

Phone: (504) 475-7557

Email: [email protected]

Established: July, 2017

Number of Websites Created: 42

Founder: Jonathan LaRocca

Head of Marketing: Jonathan LaRocca

SEO Expert: Jonathon Goodwin

Social Media Team: Grant W., Stephanie W.

PPC Specialist: Jacky L.

Accounts Manager: Angela S.

Logo & Graphic Designer: Corey F.

Developer: Jonathan LaRocca

Strategist: Jonathon Goodwin

Photographer & Videographer: Chris E.

Content Creators: Stephanie W, Grant W

Sales: Taylor “Gil” G.

Hours of Operation: Mon-Sat 8am – 8pm

Average Website Cost: $3,500